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By electing myself as the Cannes Film Festival Winner (soon), I wanted to project the future Cannes. A Future in which a new generation of filmmakers will be leading the Festival; that is what the Festival de Cannes should be like in 10 years for its 70th anniversary in 2017.
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Stephanie will be attending the festival, see you there.

I salute Thierry Fremaux, General Delegate of the Festival de Cannes and hope to meet him soon as well as the President of the Jury Isabelle Hupper, the team of the Pixar Animation Studios to ask them to produce my feature film POP UP.
My film Trip to the Planetarium Reloaded
was screened at the Festival
Friday May 15th at 5pm, Palais D

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I thought "Trip to the Planetarium Reloaded" was among the better things I've seen at the Festival this year. It showed how difficult life can be for the aged and/or handicapped in lighthearted way without disrespecting your elders. The animation was excellent. Good story line. Nice execution. In "short", a very fine short film.
Daniel Downing, Ex. Director, Angesolaire Productions
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